Activities – Swimming, bush walks and much, much more

verandaActivites in an around Dungowan

There is plenty to do in Dungowan and the surrounding area.

  • Enjoy swimming in the mineral pool
  • Play a game of tennis
  • Go for a walk an explore the river bank
  • Explore the forest plantation
  • Hiking, Morton National Park (Wog Wog entrance) is a 10 minute drive. Walks to the mountain summits offer magnificent, panoramic views of the rugged cliffs and gorges of the Budawang Ranges.
  • Fish for your dinner – Perch and Bass in lake
  • Play a game of pool
  • Enjoy cooking your own pizza
  • BBQ out on the veranda
  • Enjoy the sunset off the veranda
  • Bocce on the lawns
  • Laze about the house
  • Enjoy a movie in the media room
  • Read a book in many of the hiding places.
  • Explore Historic Braidwood – 30 minute drive
  • Spot a wombat, echidna or spy on the kangaroos

And that just the adults, children will have plenty to amuse themselves too.


Dogs love Dungowan. There is plenty of room to run around, seek out new smells, play, D18swim and be free.

At Dungowan, friendly house trained dogs are allowed, though it is requested that they do not enter the House or the barn.

There is abundant wildlife at Dungowan, with most being nocturnal. Dogs and wildlife do not mix. We ask that you be mindful of this and keep your dogs in control when wildlife or other animals (cattle) are about.